Along the way I have experimented with a number of different approaches; most considered only suitable for the trash bin but all helped in the evolution of “The Road to Nowhere”.

car game map

Firstly I considered the difficulties parents face when travelling with children and the need to keep them occupied to avoid the perennial question “are we there yet”.  I experimented with combining a conventional map and pictorial representations of landmarks on the route turning it into a car game.  That idea went the way of the dinosaur and I moved on to a fantasy map idea………………………………


pirate map2

Those were also consigned to the scrap heap and I moved on to the idea of combining concepts such as land mass sky and contour lines in an effort to map dreams.

land of nod

smaller road to nowhere 2I further explored the concept of  lines representing streets and directions, but as a lot of people report they have trouble reading maps, this one will take you wherever you imagine with the surety of getting lost.  So the “Road to Nowhere” was born.

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