My first experiment was with plaster.  I set out to mix the plaster and used two plastic bags in the bucket for strength.   My original intention was to squeeze the plaster within the plastic bags and leave to set.   I had mixed more than intended so the project did not end up as planned.   Leaving the bucket on its side to create a sloped exterior was a decision made during the process to add another dimension.  When it set and I began to remove the plastic bags I discovered the plaster had seeped through,  creating an interesting surface, making some of the bags impossible to remove.     I hosed the shape, and as it was still a little soft I was able to enhance and smooth the surface rivulets.  As I had added the plaster in stages during the mixing the surface was crumbly in parts.  The embedding of the plastic into the plaster was an unexpected bonus.


The youtube link is


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