I began to experiment with heat and plastic using a dry iron.  I used plastic sleeves, greaseproof paper and foil.  My first attempt was with parsley and marjoram gathered from the garden.

parsley and marjoram

My  second attempt was using foil and plastic bread bags – the print from the bag was transferred to the foil.

bread mag after heating on foil
bread bag after heating on foil
foil with print from bread bag
foil with print from bread bag

I then bought some imitation copper foil leaf and wanted to experiment with colour changes.  I tried applying balsamic vinegar,  white vinegar and rice wine vinegar but found the results disappointing.  The balsamic simply made the piece translucent.IMG_1230

two vinegar tests and one flame
two vinegar tests and one flame

I began  experimenting by passing the foil over a candle flame and found the result more interesting than the vinegars – the flame example is the left hand piece in the photograph above.


Following that I placed the pieces in plastic sleeves and ironed them.

experimental stitching
experimental stitching

At that point it seemed that more was needed so I experimented with sewing on plastic (I had only sewn fabric in the past).

It seemed to work well with a small stitch so sewed a continuous line around the pieces.  It still seemed to need more so I filled in the blanks with what look like contour lines (first assignment!).  Now it seems to be acceptable.  Would like to try more of this type of work


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